woah_the_kettle's Journal

Woah the Stego
9 July 1988
all kinds of music, apples, aprons, art, avocado, badasses, bats, bears, beautiful babies, beauty in everything, bees, being happy, being loved, bellybutton lint, bikes, birds, boobies, butts, candle wax on everything, candles, cars that go boom, cats, cats on catnip, cherokee bat, circles, cookies, cool rocks, crafts, curvy ladies, curvylution, dancing fat ladies, deer, dinosaurs, drum circles, earthlove, elephants, existing, exploring, fashion, fatties with fatties, feathers, feeling alive, feeling amazing, feeling primal, feminism, flow, flowers, generosity, girls, grapefruit, gravity and boobies, gross things, happy children, happy old people, horses, ice, ice cream, kissing, kittens, ladies, lakes, leaves, life, life being amazing, light bulbs, lighthouses, lights, love, magic, making gifts, making love, millions of pillows, mixed cds, moss, mother nature, moths, mountain lions, mountains, movie buffs, my friends, myself, nakoma, native americans, needle'n'thread, nests, obsessing, oranges, ovaries, owls, paint, painting, pie, plastic cauldrons, putting things places, raccoons, radiance, rainbows, ridiculousness, rivers, rusty things, scarves, sewing, sitting on the floor, smiles, smiling, space clouds, speakers, stars, strange fashion, streetlamps, stuffed animals, sunflowers, swapping art, t-bear, tea kettles, the great love stories, the internet, the ocean, the potential of love, tigers, trees, tyler my love, unicorns, uterus, vaginae/vaginas, vintage clothes, watching people, watching people play banjo, watching people play mandolin, water, wearable art, wise children, wise old people, witch baby, women